cover photo CRBR Map and Guide

The Costa Rican Bird Route Map and Guide is an essential tool for visiting the Bird Route. This second edition of the Map and Guide is a spiral bound booklet and the text is provided in both Spanish and English. The Map and Guide features the following:

  1. Best road map of the Sarapiquí – San Carlos region.
  2. Guide to the 18 Bird Route sites complete with GPS coordinates, contact information, maps and directions and emblematic bird species unique to each site.
  3. Costa Rican Bird Route checklist (more than 520 species). Rainforest Biodiversity Group encourages you to keep track of your bird observations and enter them into the electronic database eBird when you get home. Click here for more information on eBird.
  4. Pages to jot down notes.
  5. Perforated calling cards for identifying yourself as a birder on your trip. By leaving these cards at restaurants, hotels and other businesses where you are birding, you are letting them know that you are there because of the country's rich heritage of natural resources and that you will continue to patronize their businesses if they continue to care for and protect wildlife habitat.

The Map and Guide also makes a great souvenir piece to remember your trip!

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Bird Guides to Costa Rica

Currently there are two guide books to the birds of Costa Rica:

The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide by Richard Garrigues (Author), Robert Dean (Illustrator). Cornell Press.

A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica (Comstock Book) by F. Gary Stiles (Author), Alexander F. Skutch (Author), Dana Gardner (Illustrator). Cornell Press.

Both guides are good, but the guide by Garrigues and Dean is lighter and easier to carry around, although it lacks some of the information provided in the other guide.