Report Your Bird Observations to eBird

Your data as an observer of birds can be helpful for science.  For instance, your sightings can help track locations of high priority migrant species such as the Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera). Furthermore, your sightings can help determine phenology of migrant birds in Costa Rica.

American Pygmy Kingfisher, photo by Yehudi Hernandez
American Pygmy Kingfisher

The Costa Rican Bird Route and the Rainforest Biodiversity Group are working with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and their eBird program to collect bird observations from the Costa Rican Bird Route.

eBirdTo enter your data visit  You will need to create your own account to enter data, but once you do the program will help manage all of your bird sightings. Not only for Costa Rica but also for your bird observations at home, where ever that may be.

Once you have created your account you can click on Submit Observations to enter you sightings. Here you Select an entire city, county or state. Once you have done this select Costa Rica under the Country menu bar. Make sure that you check the little box to show Bird Hotspots before you click continue.

You will be prompted to select a State/ Province. Select Alajuela or Heredia and click continue again.  Now you can use the Birding Hot Spots menu bar to select the site where you birded. From here you can enter your data for that particular site.

You can also view and explore data on eBird to find out what birds have been seen at each site over time.  This tool will help you plan your trip if you are after certain hard to find birds of the region.

All your bird sightings are important. Please take the time to enter your observations into eBird.  Look for eBird Costa Rica as a stand alone website in the near future.

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