Boat-billed Heron, photo by Yehudi Hernandez
Boat-billed Heron

Rufous Motmot
Rufous Motmot

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Service Birding

Service Birding

Signature Experiences

The Bird Route can be visited any time of the year. Four trip itineraries have been created to capture the essence of what the Costa Rican Bird Route is all about. The lengths of these trips are flexible. They can be shorter so that you can make visiting the Bird Route part of a larger itinerary while you are in Costa Rica, or they can be longer, so you can make the Bird Route a primary destination and stay as long as you want.

This trip focuses on searching for and learning about the flagship species of northeastern Costa Rica, the endangered Great Green Macaw.

Take a trip down the Sarapiqui River and visit the hidden settlements on its shores.

Experience firsthand the conservation efforts being conducted in northeastern Costa Rica to protect the region’s biodiversity.

Get off the beaten path and discover what rural living is like in Costa Rica.

Create your own itinerary

If you would rather choose your own sites and activities, please fill out our Tour Reservation Form, and someone will contact you to help arrange your visit to the Bird Route.

Other Tours Available to the Bird Route

Service Birding, LLC, and Birding on a Budget Costa Rica are two tour operating companies* that specialize in offering birding tours to the sites of the Costa Rican Bird Route. Both of these companies can be contacted via their websites.

* If you are a tour operating company who is interested in making the Costa Rican Bird Route part of your Costa Rican itineraries, please contact Holly Robertson at

Visiting on Your Own

If you would prefer to visit on your own, please click here for some useful tips.